The history of the Russian Consulate in Alexandria starts up in November 1784, when Katherine the Great nominated by her Decree Baron Kondraty von Tonus as a first Russian Consul in Alexandria. Since then the Russian Foreign Ministry has had its permanent representative excluding the years of Russian-Turkish war (1877-1878) when the interests of Russia were represented by French and Italian consuls. (At that time the premises of the Russian Consulate were situated at Rosetta street, 68).

Among Russian consuls in Alexandria were a number of prominent persons including Nikolay Girs (1856-1858), who became later on Russian Foreign Minister.

The last Consul of the Russian Empire was Alexander Petrov (1910-1917). After the October (1917) revolution in Russia Alexander Petrov became Director of Russian Office established in Alexandria in 1926 by British and Egyptian authorities in the Department of public security at Interior ministry. Working as government employee, Alexander Petrov had a possibility to render assistance in official way to his Russian compatriots in Alexandria. He gave them resident permissions, certificates from consular archives, performed some notary functions. Although the Office was not authorized to settle personal status and juridical collisions, Alexander Petrov provided to Russian immigrants his help by using his personal contacts with foreign consuls, government employees, prominent businessmen in Alexandria.

The work of Russian (Soviet) Consulate was resumed in 1959, when the Consulate General of the Soviet Union was opened in Alexandria. Following the hardships in Soviet-Egyptian relations the Consulate General was closed in 1977-1988.

Nowadays the Consulate General fulfils consular functions not only in Alexandria, but also in other 6 governorates of the consular district: Buheira (city of Damanhur), Gharbiya (city of Tanta), Dakahliyah (city of Mansura), Dumyat (city of Dumyat), Kafr-Shaykh (city of Kafr-Shaykh), Matruh (city of Mersa-Matruh). Besides rending consular services to Russian and foreign citizens, protecting the rights and interests of Russian Federation and Russian citizens, the Consulate General also supports the development of trade, economic, cultural and scientific relations between Alexandria, other governorates of Delta and the regions of the Russian Federation. Under the patronage of the Consulate General in 2005 twin-cities agreement was signed between Alexandria and Saint-Petersburg, the second capital of Russia.